Friday, 18 March 2011

How to Add Virtual PC hard disk to Virtual Box

If you want to get a VPC image mounted into Virtual Box without it blue screening on startup.

Here is how:
  1. Create a new Virtual Machine
  2. Set the details for the VM
  3. Set memory as normal
  4. Untick the Boot Hard disk Option
  5. Finish creating the machine
  6. Go into the Storage settings for the machine. Under the IDE Controller section click the add new Hard Disk Button
  7. Click choose existing disk
  8. Browse to the existing file
  9. You should now be good to Go. The reason it wont boot if you don’t add the disk as an IDE controller is because by default the disk is added as SATA and the virtual pc disks were not set up as SATA. If you selected the disk during the initial wizard then you will need to remove it from the SATA controller in the Storage settings and add it to the IDE controller

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