Thursday, 17 January 2013

Installshield - Install rolled back when creating Virtual directory

Installation is Rolled-back while creating the VirtualDirectory?

Further exploration revealed that the Installation rollback happens while creating a mapping between the IIS Application and Physical path. There can be two reasons that the installation gets rolled-back while creating a mapping between IIS Application and Physical path.

1. If the web.config is in read only the installation will roll back as it can’t edit the file. But I am not attempting to explictly edit the web.config file while creating the virtual directory.

2. If you are trying to map the website to an empty folder then also it will rollback. A valid point:).. why do you want to create a website without any file?

So please make sure that the web.config file's read-only attribute is removed before bundling the file with the installer.

Note: The contents in this article is verified in InstallShield 2012 SP1 Premier Editions with Basic MSI Project.

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